Poll Results

February 11, 2008

Does your church (or equivalent house of worship) incorporate creative arts?

Our church focuses on contemporary music.
  2 (40%)
Our church incorporates music / drama.
  3 (60%)
Our church incorporates crafts, painting and other arts.
  0 (0%)
Our church has a wide variety of arts represented in its building.
  1 (20%)
Our church doesn’t incorporate any arts.
  1 (20%)
Our church has music, in the traditional hymns style.
  1 (20%)
Our church has illuminated Scriptures.
  0 (0%)
I do not attend any kind of church.
  1 (20%)
Something not listed here.
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 5
Poll closed

Ok, the lesson I may need to learn is to ask more interesting poll questions! I’m not sure that this blog has a polls function, though!



  1. Hi FiKaLo;


    Polls on blogs can be quite interesting. I have a poll on my blog that is currently doing quite well, but I suspect that most of the voters are my guests coming from Google not my regular blogger friends, who I know are visiting and leaving comments.

    I wish you well with your current blogging edition, I have 2 blogs and it can be challenging to keep up with things, but it can also be a growing experience.

    There are pluses and minuses to Blogger, WordPress and other blogging groups. What do you think so far?

  2. Hello!

    ah, well, I think they all have their pros and cons. I like the simplicity of blogger, but I like the flexibility of wordpress.

    Is the poll you mentioned the one about Survivor? I can’t say I ever got into that show! Hmm… I like the Simpsons, that’s pretty much it. Oh and So You Think You Can Dance Australia is pretty entertaining!

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