Allergies Suck

February 12, 2008

Visual Diary Allergies

Monday 7 January 2008 – 8.55pm

The disease* has become a prison. I can’t step outside. I hate the sickness so much. I hope there’s a cure.

Having an ok day… Spring cleaning in mid-summer. Better late than never!

~My House~

(these trees become polleny in December [allergenic])

(when this plant flowers I end up lying in emergency ward in hospital)

(these trees are poisonous)


*I have serious allergy problems. They’re potentially life threatening and no one knows what causes them.


A PS – looks like my body’s recovered from most of whatever the problem was. I still have allergy problems but not as severe as before.



  1. great to hear you’re recovering. yes allergies suck! never really had any known ones in my life, however, i think i’ve developed a bad reaction to bites over the last year or so. i always get bitten badly, but when i was in qld i was swampped by sandflies… days later they really started itching and went red. they actually left scars on me as they subsided. boohoo. having a tan to cover them up has helped heaps, but for a while the scars looked terrible!
    bushman’s all the way baby!

  2. ouch! sandflies are horrible things, aren’t they?!

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