200. Wow, Now I’ve Posted 200 Art Folio Pieces!

February 13, 2008
Self Portrait Photo
In November 2006, I started a blog named “A Humble Art Folio.” Its main intention was to show my family and friends that I wasn’t “just” a ‘good mother.’ In fact, I’d heard so many good-intentioned encouragements like, “Oh, you’re a great wife and mother, and we’re sure there’s other things that you’re good at,” that I started to feel a little gloomy. Art has been a lifelong interest and drawing / painting a passion for as long as I can remember. The only other thing in my life to rival it is probably my book reading habit!
I enjoy painting, drawing and even dabble in a bit of photography. So, for number 200 I thought I’d share with you one of my self portrait photos taken in recent months. I actually don’t know if I like it much, but oh well. Here ’tis, anyway. Actually, it looks terrible as a thumbnail!
Well, back to the art folio thing. I guess it began to depress me that, while I had once been known as an art nut, my current social crowd seemed to have missed that. Maybe they couldn’t see beyond the fact that I was towing around my preschooler children. Others appeared to have the misconception that I was definitely an intellectual / academic text book-reading-nerd type, and therefore I couldn’t also be artistically skilled. Well, why can’t I be both? I’m certainly no Leonardo da Vinci, but surely it was the great artists like him who demonstrated quite clearly that intelligence, intellect and art are a beautiful combination!
It’s ok, though, I’ve become a bit less insecure since those days. And my key self-definition comes (I hope) from my walk as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and believer in the Bible. The other stuff – artist, book nerd, university student, wife, mother, volunteer worker, former heavy metal band member (!) [I played bass guitar, woo hoo! Go the 5-strings!], etc., are all aspects of my individual personality.
So, to all the other mums* out there, you are more than a toddler-changing, housecleaning machine. Don’t starve yourself of the things that make you a glorious individual, created in God’s image to bring His light and life into the world! 😀
*Alternative spelling, “moms”


  1. Congratulations on posting 200 art folio pieces! I like your blog- it is great to see another Australian one! I agree with not starving yourself of the things that make you a glorious individual- we need to enhance the artistic and creative side in our lives. I love writing which is my area of creativity but I enjoy other art forms very much too.



  2. Well, thank you! Yes, there is something nice about finding other Aussies!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

  3. Hi FiKaLo;

    Cool photo and interesting to get to know you better. It is curious how often people see others in such one dimensional ways. This is often true of how people see followers of Jesus, they aren’t quite sure what to make of you, at times Christians aren’t sure what to make of other Christians that like to express themselves artistically.

    I have had some Christians I know tell me that my blog Life on the Blade (not an ad just to differ from my other blog) is “gay looking” which surprised them since I am such a clearly none gay kind of guy. It is the “artsy” look. Some Christians have even told me I should make my blog look “more Christian” (I suppose that means more like Focus on the Family). Of course they are also missing the point of why I have made it look the way it looks…..

  4. Thanks for visiting!

    Well, I didn’t think your blog was gay! 😀 Heheh well, you now, Focus on the Family have their style, but we can’t all be like them!

  5. Congratulations (belated) on posting your 200th art piece! 🙂
    I think you’ve got more art on here than I’ve got on my site!
    Nice little essay you’ve written there too. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the feeling that one is ‘only a wife and mother’, especially when the kids are so dependent. It’s good to see you continuing on with your art and the other interests in your life.

  6. hehe thanks ma!

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