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218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe

March 30, 2008
Pencil on paper, January 2008.
210 x 297 mm, 110 GSM drawing paper.
I love giraffes. I thought this one was pretty! 🙂

Now playing: A Perfect Circle – The Hollow (Live at America West Arena, Phoenix June 2000)
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The Day I Realised That I’m Probably Obsessed… With Project 86

March 30, 2008


Now playing: Project 86 – The Forces Of Radio Have Dropped A Viper Into The Rhythm Section
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Ok, I’d like to think that I’m not a total teenybopper. After all, I’ve gone to plenty of gigs over the years, and never hugely flipped out over meeting any of the bands. I mean, it’s cool and stuff, but I don’t think I’d ever just about fainted with overwhelmedness…

So I don’t know what happened to me yesterday when we were lined up in the cold and rain to meet Project 86. I mean, dude, am I really that big a fan?! Apparently, yes, yes I am that nuts. I started to think about it… my Facebook Profile is covered with Project 86 paraphernalia – a video clip here, a fan group membership there… Not to mention that they’re in my top 8 MySpace contacts. And I even occasionally watch their vodcasts. I don’t think my husband knew what he was getting himself into when he first introduced me to Project 86’s awesomely awesome music.

I wish I could say that the gig was fantastic, but it got washed out. I mean, they didn’t even get to go on stage. Noooooooo!!!!! For the first time in years, I was actually looking forward to a live gig – and I mean, I’ve been to some pretty good ones, including U2, Jars of Clay, Antiskeptic, Rammstein, and The Chemical Brothers (in no particular order)… but Project 86’s music speaks to me on a level that no one else seems to. They’re in my top favourites, anyway, somewhere alongside Tool and Rage Against the Machine (both of whom I missed out on). Sigh!

Anyway, here’s some photos (click on images to see them in larger size). It was a good day and I’m so happy to get to meet the band.

front of house

Me, operating the front of house equipment (as in, the sound desk)… hmm yeah right.

As it turned out, a bunch of our friends were on the technical crew for the event.

fikalo music

The looming rain clouds before they halted the gig…

…and me, possibly the only person who wore something other than black & white at this thing.

And seriously, who organises an outdoor gig in the moutains outside Melbourne in Autumn?!

There are plenty of indoor venues…

project 86 merch signing

Project 86…

project 86 fan

This fan had a poster made up and was getting other fans to sign it.

The words on the poster are from a Project 86 song… in case you didn’t work it out.

He was flying around Australia to catch all the Project 86 events.

I feel really sorry for all the people I met who travelled interstate to catch the gig.

fikalo and project 86

Me and Project 86… this was easily the highlight of my year so far.

(Ok, yes, there’s more to life than meeting your favourite band,

but this was the first time I can remember feeling this happy in a very long time.) 🙂


(Photography by Matt.)



217. Abstract Pencil

March 29, 2008
Feminine Abstract
Dry watercolour pencil on paper, August 2007.
 I don’t usually draw abstracts. If anything, it is reminiscent of the feminine form.
It was drawn using watercolour pencils, except that I didn’t paint over them with water. The pencils, when used dry, have a unique texture and can be built up to a thickness that I personally haven’t found in other standard types of pencil. I like the way the original has brought out the grainy texture of the paper – though I don’t know how clearly that’s been captured in the photograph here.

216. Pastel Pencil Landscape

March 29, 2008
Pastel Landscape
Pastel pencil on paper, August 2007.

This was inspired  by an example in an art tutorial book. I used pencil pastels, they are effectively pencils with hard pastel in them. Using the shavings from the pastel enabled me to blend the colours together, and sharper lines and detail were made using the pencil pastels as pencils… I hope that makes sense!

The book I used is, as far as I know, English, so I tried to create a more Australian feel in my drawing. After all, I’ve never been to England; and I grew up in rural Australia. So it makes sense to me to draw what I know!


215. Saurolophus osborni

March 28, 2008
Pencil on paper, December 2007.
This sketch is inspired by images of the dinosaur species Saurolophus osborni.
Spend any amount of time with me and you’ll learn that I am absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs. I think they’re magnificent creatures and often wish that I could see them in the flesh. However, like so many extinct creatures, I guess it’s just a bit of wishful thinking. And Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novels have made me wonder whether or not I really want to see dinosaurs!
Anyway, Saurolophus was a “duck billed” dinosaur, and a herbivore, known from fossil remains that show it had a rear-projecting spine from its skull.
References / More information on this topic:

214. Green Horse

March 28, 2008

 Green Horse

May 2007  – Pencil on paper.

Another 6×9 cm sketch. Like I said with the previous one, it’s hard drawing detail on such a small area.


Impulse Brownies

March 28, 2008

Visual Diary Brownie

Saturday, 9 February 2008 – 13.37 pm

Mmm… brownie

Mmm… impulse cafe stops before church …

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