203. Girl

March 5, 2008
Girl In Watercolour and Pencil
Watercolour pencil and pencil on art paper.
Inspired by a model in a hairdressing magazine! It may have lost a little in the translation from painting to photo, but I was pretty happy with it. The style is obviously cartoony. I don’t think I could draw life-like people… unlike my mother, who is a spectacular artist (check out her paintings at http://pic6.piczo.com/AnnesFrodoArtEtcetera/?g=1).


  1. Hi FiKaLo;

    She looks pretty scary, reminds me of when I use dot hang out at night clubs and it was getting to about 2am…..

  2. Oh funny! Yeah it reminds me of the heavy metal music magazines that I used to read.

  3. I think that poor girl needs help! A couple of Panadols at the very least.
    Fab drawing/painting technique.

  4. Heheh yeah, she looks a little tired!

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