Fuzzy Ducks

March 11, 2008

Visual Diary

[Fuzzy due to a quirk in the photographing process. Oops.]

Monday 28 January 2008 –

At the local arboretum / playground. Most times of year, it’s very quiet. There might be a handful of people.  Here today, the height of summer and on a public holiday, the place is crammed with picnicker, parents, ducks and flowers.

– BBQs and picnics

– Pacific black ducks (Australian native ducks)

– Mums with those 3-wheeled prams (I prefer the 4-wheelers)



  1. I agree bout the 3 wheel vs 4 wheel prams. 3 wheels are generally used by fit looking young mums ( or trying to give that impression) that zip from here to there without raising a sweat & still being able to talk on their mobile phones & have a conversation with a similar looking person pushing beside them. In the country, given the rugged terrain & geographical location 4 wheel drive is much more robust & appropriate!! ps Love wild ducks.

  2. hehehe also the baby can’t see it’s mother in the 3 wheeler. And quite frankly i always thought that the kids looked more comfortable in the 4-wheeler.

    yeah i like the wild ducks too. unfortunately people are making them sick by feeding them bread, which is the duck equivalent of living on fast food hamburgers, apparently. (http://www.liveducks.com/bread.html) Also, the Australian native species is in danger because of interbreeding with introduced species of similar species of ducks.

  3. Wow!! That was quick. I was hopeing to surprise you 🙂
    Agree with the visual thing for the baby. That’s why they grow up with crooked necks!!
    I know bout the bird feeding. I see it at the Prom all the time even though there are signs everywhere advising why not to feed them 😦

  4. hehe well, thanks for visiting!!! 🙂

    I was just about to turn off the computer and noticed that you’d commented, so I thought I’d reply. It’s nice to get a friendly comment on here!

  5. Cute ducks, and not so fuzzy I can’t see them!
    Mothers with three-wheeled prams are nearly as scary as mothers in 4WDs. They are actually one and the same, in my view. 4WD + 3WP = aggression. LOL.

  6. heheheh I can see a link there.

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