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Model Envy

April 30, 2008

Visual Diary

Monday 11 February 2008 – 7.10 pm

Looking at photos of amazing artworks and amazing photos. It makes me wonder, how do I become that good an artist? And what is it those models have that I don’t have? (Evidently it’s not in my haircut because my haircut is the same as many of those models!)

Hmm… must be in the clothing. (P.S. I’m actually taller than this image may imply!)


228. Guitar

April 30, 2008


Photograph, March 2008.

In this case, I’m the model, not the photographer. Playing an A Major chord, in case you’re wondering!


227. Mysterious

April 30, 2008

mysterious self portrait

Photograph, November 2007.


226. Pelicans

April 29, 2008


Photograph, March 2008.

Pelicans in coastal Victoria, Australia.

Australian pelican, Pelecanus conspicillatus.


225. Arabian-inspired foal

April 29, 2008

Arabian foal

Pencil on paper, April 2008.


224. Painting Whales

April 27, 2008

Humpback Whale Painting

Humpback Whale, acrylic on canvas, January-April 2008, 8×8″ (approx 203×203 mm).

This is a rare case of me working on a piece for more than one session. Being notoriously impatient, I tend to prefer to get a drawing completed within a day of starting. This was a deliberate effort for me to try and develop more patience. This painting was developed over the space of a few months, one layer at a time. I’m not sure how successful it is – I am an amateur painter!

It was inspired by a photograph of a humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, and started around the time that the Australian news was dealing with the issue of whales being killed in our territory, against our laws. In Australia, whales are generally considered a vital part of the oceanic ecosystem, so it cause quite a stir when all these animals were being locally slaughtered earlier this year. Strangely enough, at the same time I have been reading the classic piece of literature, Moby Dick. I have found it a fascinating snapshot into human perspectives regarding whales – not to mention all the other deep themes explored in the text. The chapter devoted to arguing that whales are fish, not mammals, was particularly interesting. I wondered if perhaps describing whales as fish alleviates the burden of massacres when these intelligent, family-living, social creatures are cut to pieces.

More information –

– you might find the Animal Liberation Victoria website an interesting source of information regarding the 2008 slaughter of whales in Australian waters. Try or search for “whaling” at

– The Australian Government has online information regarding Australian legal policy directed towards cetacean conservation. Go to

(Links accessed 27 April 2008 10.46 am Australian Eastern Standard Time)


Christianity’s Influence on Western Culture

April 24, 2008

Here are links to some articles on the history of Christianity in Western culture, and Christianity’s influence on the rise of science: – A review of the sociology text “For the Glory of God.” Speaking as a sociology student, it is rare to find sociological texts that accept the possibility of the objective existence of a God – any God! (2004) – According to this article, there are European moves to ban the teaching of alternative perspectives to atheistic evolution. (2008 ) – an exploration of the influence of evolutionary perspectives in the humanities.

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