Nothing quite like some good satire

April 3, 2008
I’ve been really enjoying Lark News. Lark News, with its tagline “a good source for Christian news,” is actually a parody news site. It pokes gentle fun at the quirks of modern day Christian culture – but it is written by Christians. So it’s not meant to offend – it’s more scenarios that many Christians could relate to.
Admittedly, some of the stories are disturbingly believable. Having only been a Christian for a few years, the whole Westernised Christian culture can seem a bit strange to newcomers and outsiders. Whether it’s being nearly mowed down in a church car park by aggressive women drivers with “Jesus loves you” bumper stickers on their family transport 4WD; or receiving a lecture because I don’t know the A to Z of Christian celebrities (as if there should be such a thing as Christian celebrities!?!); or navigating the inexplicable hatred that different churches hold towards other denominations, I have personally found the experiences of Christian culture to be a bit strange, wacky, intimidating and funny. (As well as life enriching!) I enjoy the way Lark News reminds me that not everyone in Christendom thinks the same way as the churchian communities.
Anyway, here’s some headlines that made me laugh out aloud:

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