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Walking To School

May 19, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Tuesday 19 February 2008 – 7.58 pm

Walking to school –

– oversized school bag on tiny pram

– me, sweaty and gross after walking

– 5 year old already tired upon arriving at school due to frantic walk in summer heat

– cranky 3 year old whingeing that the pram is bumpy

– short skirt that cause me to inadvertently flash today… oops. Say hello to my pink undies


– it’s actually faster to walk than drive at this time of day

– it saves on petrol, pollution and stress

– it’s great exercise

– we get some sunshine


– it’s too hot this summer

– it takes effort to walk

– it means being ready to leave much earlier


242. Inspired by Arabian Horse

May 19, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot

Pen on paper, May 2008.

Copyright 2008. This colouring page may be printed for private home use only. Not for sale or distribution.

Here is the original, after it was coloured by a 5-year-old boy.

Copyright F. Lokot 2008


241. Exploration Of Painful Memories

May 19, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Pencil and pen on paper, May 2008.

I entitled this one, “No one thought the bride was beautiful.”

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