244. Honey

May 23, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Pencil and permanent marker (Sharpie) on paper, May 2008.

A companion to “Lunny.”

My 3-year-old is adamant that I am about to buy a horse that she has named Honey. While this is not true, she has decided that Honey will be a pink / red horse, a girl, a pretty horse, and able to talk. Apparently she will live in our rented suburban backyard. Oh, if only I could tell my children that they will get a horse, but I’ve been asking for one since I was 3 as well, and it still hasn’t happened yet!

The dream would be to get maybe an Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred or maybe an Australian Stock Horse. Or a miniature. Or maybe a donkey…

I drew this one at my daughter’s request.



  1. […] A companion to “Honey.” […]

  2. Whether or not this is true…hehe…cause you’re not sure yet.:-D

  3. well she could be displaying a prophetic foresight of something that I can’t see happening in the natural

  4. Good spiritual answer..(nods wisely)..

  5. 😀

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