June 26, 2008

Some information on this disturbing and illegal (in Australia) phenomenon. Women are not cattle to be herded together and farmed off to selfish men. We do not exist to serve the needs of promiscuous men. A monogamous marriage offers the best opportunity for two individuals to grow together in genuine respect and intimacy.

Some information on polygamy can be found at:

ACL (Australia specific) articles on polygamy:

“Does the Bible clearly teach monogamy?”

“Why did King Solomon have so many wives?”

Excerpt from “The Best thing that ever happened to women”:

Another effect of the salt and light of Christianity was its impact on the common practice of polygamy, which demeans women. Many men, including biblical heroes, have had multiple wives, but Jesus made clear this was never God’s intention. Whenever he spoke about marriage, it was always in the context of monogamy. He said, “The two [not three or four] will become one flesh.” As Christianity spread, God’s intention of monogamous marriages became the norm.

“Polygamy in the Bible”

Here’s a recent (25 June) article from the Age (a major Australian newspaper) on the issue:


(All articles accessed 26 June 2008.)

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