Against Nuclear Energy

July 9, 2008

Some links to information on nuclear energy:

http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/nuclear – Greenpeace

http://www.antinuclear.net/ – antinuclear Australia



  1. Thx for the links!
    Please also have a look at this new E-Zine. It got interessting articles, also on themes like “nuclear energy”.

  2. thanks for the compliments and link 🙂

  3. hi fikalo and trish,
    when you hear what is NOT going on at the summit of G8 and the nuclear accident in france etc you cannot be too alert against the stuff.
    amalagamation is not a bad name.
    checked out .mizpah.tv and yes it is a great site too and the article about nuke power is very capturing.
    did you see the beatiful shop there with those famous Mizpah good luck charms? ordered one straigt away. read about it on the web they say it is magic and protects you from harm. Mizpah comes from the bible. i am impressed. thanks trish for mentioning the site. we all need good luck and a positive attitude to combat daily problems like the pushing of nuclear energy.

  4. thanks for visiting

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