Speaking The Word To Women… and a few men!

August 31, 2008

I had the rare privilege of briefly sharing at a Christian women’s conference on Friday and Saturday. I guess I felt a little out of place taking part in a panel comprising a theologian, a psychologist / pastor, a pastor and a war refugee. Then there was myself! Apart from being one of the few 20-something women there, I was there as an individual who explored multiple spiritualities before becoming a follower of Christ.

I wonder if my contribution at these things really makes a difference. Hopefully, if just one person – out of the almost 3,000 who attended – was encouraged to seek God out of my few words, then I have accomplished what I set out to achieve.

The general gist of what I shared? I compared two times in my life. Once, a stage of my life when I was searching within myself for the answers. What I found was darkness, sin, sorrow and misery. I got caught in a cycle that headed swiftly towards destruction and pain. Then there is the now, when I look to God for the answers. Now, I can look up, lift my head from my mere circumstances, and worship the Creator who has a greater plan and purpose for my life than I could imagine. That is the privilege of following the Lord Jesus Christ – a life of faith, hope and love. It may not be perfect (yet), I may not have all the answers, but I have hope now. And that is the heart of what I tried to convey over the last few days. Hopefully it positively impacted someone!

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