10,000 Visitors!! Thank You!!

September 26, 2008

Another statistics post.

Thank you very much to all my visitors. In the last 24 hours The Amalgamation reached the 10,000 hits mark!

Christmas Devotionals And Feeds

Coming up soon I’m planning on writing some pre-Christmas, Advent-themed, non-denominational personal devotionals on the message of Christmas in the Bible. If that interests you, stay posted, I expect them to begin around November 24. Make sure you check in regularly, or subscribe to the feed. The feed URL is https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/feed/. On my browser (I use Firefox) it makes subscribing to a feed really simple. Just click on the little RSS logo box in the bit where the web address goes, it’ll bring up the feed with the most recent posts, and ask you if you want to subscribe. Then it’ll let you know when I update the Blog. My email programme also allows me to subscribe to feeds, which then appear in my email inbox.


A big thank you to all who have visited, and especially for the thoughtul, friendly, encouraging and constructive comments that some of you have left.

Roughly a month ago (28 August 08 to be exact), the statistics were:

Top Posts

196. Red Horse, 507 views

The Amalgamation Home, 431 views

218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe, 430 views

Most Active

249. Stallion Sketch, 33 views

218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe, 29 views

Pentecostal Priorities?, 26 views

At last count, there have been 7,097 hits since the blog started in February 2008.

Now, late September, there’s been a big leap.

Here’s the current stats:

Flag Counter tells me that, since I added it maybe 3 or 4 months ago, the countries of origin of blog visitors have been:

USA – 2749 hits

GB – 666 hits (no mark of the beast jokes, please!)

Australia – 559 hits

Canada -338 hits

India – 174 hits

Blog Stats

Total views: 10,090

Busiest day: 164 — Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Views today: 10


Posts: 231

Comments: 230

Categories: 14

Tags: 632


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Top Posts

218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe
249. Stallion Sketch
196. Red Horse
213. Chestnut Horse
242. Inspired by Arabian Horse
Qualities of a Superhero
Foreign Language Books In Melbourne
202. Sable Antelope

Top 3 Posts
196. Red Horse, 699 views
218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe, 643 views
The Amalgamation Home, 488 views
Top Searches
giraffe,  horse,  horse art
Most Active 3
218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe, 38 views
196. Red Horse, 36 views
249. Stallion Sketch, 30 views

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