298. Blue Whale

October 13, 2008

Felt-tip marker on paper, August 2008.



  1. That is a pretty cool whale! It looks like it about to eat something…

  2. hehe thanks!

  3. Hey, you drew this?
    I would love to use this picture to make a Tshirt. I’m no one big or anything, but still wouldn’t feel right doing it without your permission.

  4. Hey,
    yes this is one of my drawings.
    As I design/sell tshirts I am not going to be able to say yes due to copyright.

    You are welcome to use my drawing to inspire your own illustration, if that would be suitable for you.

    I have tshirt designs for sale at http://www.redbubble.com/people/flokot/collections/75010-clothing-and-stickers if you want to have a look at what is available. RedBubble.Com may be helpful for you if you’re interested in creating and selling tshirts.

    Thanks for asking 🙂

  5. PS Pete, I really hope this hasn’t caused unnecessary disappointment for you. I really do appreciate the fact you asked.

    • Ah nuts.
      Shame, but it’s understandable.

      Thanks for getting back to me.

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