Coloured Thoroughbreds

November 11, 2008

I’d heard a little about coloured Thoroughbreds recently, and intrigued I decided to search for more information. Generally speaking, Thoroughbreds come in a small range of standard solid colours. Thus, is would be a generalised assumption to say that Thoroughbreds never come in other coat colours – pinto, palomino, dun, zebra striped, dorsal striped, etc. However, I’ve had a few coloured Thoroughbreds drawn to my attention in recent weeks. They are in the pinto style of coat colour and wow – what striking animals they are!

Not having researched much about them, all I can say is that the name Biscay (AUS ch. h. 1965) appears in a few of the coloured horses’ pedigrees. I don’t know if that’s significant or not, though – I’m not particularly knowledgeable about coloured equine genetics.

Here are a few links to give you more information (all accessed 10 November 2008).


An Australian Thoroughbred stud advertising a pinto stallion. The photos are definitely worth a look!


“Coloured Thoroughbred a first for Australia.”


A USA Thoroughbred stud specialising in rare coloured Thoroughbreds. Check out their beautiful cremellos at http://www.norsirefarms.com/ourwhitelady.html.


“Britain’s first coloured Thoroughbred”


Australian Coloured Standardbreds Stud. Standardbreds, originally derived from Thoroughbred and trotting stock, are the breed of horse used in Australian harness racing (as well as in many other countries). Like Thoroughbreds, they are usually solid coloured.


Nite Spot, a German-based coloured Thoroughbred stallion.


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