Philately (uh… stamp collecting) + Australia Day

January 23, 2009

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Ok, now I’m not currently what would be described as a stamp collector. Once in a while, though, an interesting stamp comes through and I add it to the collection that I started as an adolescent back in the mid 1990s. So, I still have the stamps, and keep them safe, but I’m in no real way active as a collector.

However, as I removed some stamps from their envelopes last night, I thought it would be nice to share some of them. They really are interesting. In keeping with the art theme of this blog, I think stamps represent great miniature artworks. In Australia, they often detail interesting aspects of the nation’s history, wildlife and culture. They are also an interesting way to get to know about countries around the world – and I have a few stamps from countries that no longer exist! Since I recently learnt the Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet, and am learning the Russian alphabet too, I have finally been able to decipher the country names on a few mystery stamps in my collection (they’re mostly from Bulgaria!).

My preferred stamps have always been animal themed. I especially like Australian stamps, too. So, keep an eye out on here for the stamps that I’ll be posting (pun not intended)… There’ll probably be one a week for a while…

In the meantime, I’m taking a brief blogging holiday. January is a pretty busy month.

A big Happy Australia Day / Happy Survival Day to my fellow Aussies! It happens to be my wedding anniversary that day so it’s pretty busy for me… Oh, and happy Triple J Hottest 100 Day, too!



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