320. Multi Coloured Kangaroo

March 2, 2009

20081230-scanart-flokot-14Felt tip marker on blue tinted paper, 2008-ish.

It’s about time I drew some Aussie animals. No, we don’t actually ride around on kangaroos here, but where I grew up it wasn’t unusual to see a paddock full of grazing roos.



  1. Well done…a real Australian blog.:)

    Thanks for the comment on thekingpin68. I replied with this message.

    Sadly I have received my share of those strange comments online over the last ten years.


  2. Haha thank you! Yes, I do consciously try to incorporate Australian themes here. 🙂
    Yes I think we’ve all received those random messages.

    The funniest one I’ve had appeared on my Flickr account:
    “Well, and your eyes are strongly green (not like ones that are like green and water, much water), and, by the way, you´re not so ugly like the people is saying…

    See one pair of green eyes in my Flickr!!!! ”

    I still have no idea what the guy was talking about!

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