Expo ’88

March 17, 2009

stampcollection2009-43I have very vague childhood memories of my parents making the pilgrimage to Expo ’88, held in Brisbane in… umm 1988. I can barely remember it as I would’ve been about 6 years old at the time. I remember it resulted in a lifetime’s supply of trinkets that subsequently decorated our house.



  1. I made it to Expo 86 three times, which was one hour west in Vancouver. It for me was as interesting as Disneyland, Disney World, and the Kennedy Space Center. I wish a version of it would have stayed in Vancouver permanently as there needs to be more to do downtown.


  2. Wow! cool… yeah I grew up in a town where there was a distinct lack of things to do! The annual agricultural show was always the highlight of my year but it only lasted one day

  3. I hope to see an Expo again one day. The Olympics are too expensive and interest me little.


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