326. My Awesome New Shoes

April 3, 2009

200903-flokot-art3Photograph, March 2009.

Yay! Being a relatively tall-ish girl with relatively large feet, it can be difficult finding appropriately sized girly shoes (and socks, for that matter). I always walk into the shoe shop with a sense of shame… It’s hard to tell the shoe salesperson my shoe size when I really don’t want to…

I loved these the moment I set eyes upon them in a factory outlet store in Melbourne on our January wedding anniversary. White with purple butterflies and tiny black lovehearts – woo hoo! And they make them in my size (and even bigger!). I immediately put them on my feet and within an hour had developed massive blisters on my heels. A month later my feet had healed enough to wear shoes again, and this time I was more careful to wear them in slowly – with appropriate socks.

This photo was taken on a dusty morning seated at my children’s school for their bi-annual teddy bears picnic. I’m not sure if the teddy bears picnic is a custom followed in other countries, or if it’s an Australian quirk. Here in Victoria, it is generally celebrated by schools with young children (7 years and below, from my experience), and organised by school librarians. Children are expected to bring a teddy bearish picnic food – honey on brown bread, or teddy bear shaped biscuits. They must also bring a favourite teddy bear. The librarians then engage in a ritual of teddy bear songs, teddy bear story telling, and often a teacher will turn up in a bear costume.

I guess it’s a little weird… especially as we don’t get bears in Australia.


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