A little Hillsong…

April 13, 2009

Back in 2002, as a new convert to Christianity, it was almost immediately made clear to me that I’d better brush up on my knowledge of all music Hillsong (and, to a slightly lesser extent, Planetshakers). Having never heard of Hillsong before, I really had no clue what or why they were so significant. But it’s almost impossible to be an Australian Christian without meeting people who have made the pilgrimage to Sydney to sing along with a few hundred thousand other Christians. Being a Victorian, I will admit I have little interest in anything Sydney, and will happily stay in the south freezing cold with our all-black dress sense, cheaper housing and oversized population of wannabe writers and artists. Not to mention that there is roughly 1 cafe for every 2 Melbournians (possibly an exaggeration).

Anyway, it was during part of my husband’s and my quest to discover more about his Ukrainian heritage that we discovered that Hillsong have also made themselves a home in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. So, purely for interest’s sake, I present to you the Australian Hillsong worship song “All I Need Is You,” followed by the Ukrainian version. Wow! The similarities are eery, and I think the only obvious difference is the language.

By the way, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Hillsong United band live once,  when they led worship at my local church, and they were fantastic. They really conveyed such a wonderful heart for God and we saw many teenagers and young adults wanting to learn more about becoming followers of Christ at the end of the night.


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