339. Rainy Days

May 16, 2009


(looking out from the front porch – oops, better go get the newspaper out of the letterbox)

200904rainydays2 (a rainbow! I made the kids rush outside to enjoy it)





(another rainy day, this one photographed from the relative comfort of our loungeroom)

Photographs, April 2009.

After years of drought, it has been such a relief to see rain again! These photos were taken on various days during April 2009. I was so astounded to see wet weather that I felt compelled to take a photo.

The state of Victoria, which is in the south east of the Australian mainland, is naturally a wet, cool temperate area. However, years of various weather problems havemeant a terrble drought, not to mention heatwaves. There has been a lot of theories proposed as to the reason for the weather. My first guess is probably that the climate was devasted when, sometime in the the previous 200 years, the eucalyptus and tree fern rainforests were cut down to make way for farmland.



  1. Gorgeous pictures, a rainbow is such an uplifting phenomenon to see!

    • Thanks for your encouraging comments! I agree, I love rainbows 🙂

      thanks for stopping by

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