Keeping the Children Busy

May 17, 2009

A few snapshots from the April / Easter school holidays. I thought there might be something in this – “baby’s first SLR camera,” perhaps.


Grandparents take note: invest in a Nintendo Wii and be amazed at how often the grandchildren visit.

20090405entertainingchildren3It’s my theory that every 4 year old is ready to learn how to operate a Digital SLR.

We’ll start her on the Nikon D40 before she graduates to the D90.



This photo entertained me. For some reason certain members of my husband’s family decided to strain the sausages out of the goo mix,

which resulted in a gruesome looking series of photos.


Go to a playground, hand a DSLR to a little kid, and enjoy the surprises that await when looking at the photos afterwards. Life is different when viewed from closer to the ground.


  1. Yea, I have played Wii with toddlers before…it can be fun, and the kids can be cute.

  2. I have even played that bowling…I am pretty decent.:) Baseball is my best sport.

  3. Cool! yeah… I’m better at bowling than baseball. I think my first problem is that, as baseball is not the most common sport over here, I don’t have much idea of how to play it! It was pretty good watching my 6-year-old challenge a group of 18 and 19 year old boys (including some computer game-obsessed Asian boys!) – and my son beat them all! haha

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