351. Я ЛОМО

June 4, 2009


December 2008, photograph, 35 mm scanned negative, Lomo LC-A+RL camera.

This is me, photo taken on Christmas Eve by my husband. We were just mucking around with our beloved LC-A camera. The sunset silhouette made me laugh when we developed it. It’s astounding the comments annd queries we get from family members. “What, is that a film camera?” “Who uses film anymore?”

Bah… they must have no sense of organic artistry… Digital might be handy but nothing  beats the clarity of film… evenx if it is then taken through the not-so-clear Lomo cameras. Ah I love these things!

More information:

see the Flickr.Com group Lomo Kompakt Automat

LC-As and other Lomo cameras are available at the Lomography Shop

(all links accessed 4 May 2009)


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