363. Mount Dandenong Bushwalk

June 20, 2009


Ferny Creek Leaves

Ferny Creek Leaves

Autumn Leaves, Ferny Creek

Autumn Leaves, Ferny Creek



Sherbrooke Falls

Sherbrooke Falls

Photographs, May 2009.

On the last day of May, 2009 – which is also the last day of Autumn (Fall) for us – we took a wonderful bushwalk down to Sherbrooke Falls in the Mount Dandenong, Victoria area.

The wonderful mixture of the Autumn leaves on deciduous trees combined with the evergreen eucalyptus forests is a sight to behold. Most amazingly, we actually had the rare  privilege of seeing a Lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) in the wild. These unique birds are named for their lyre-like tails, and are known for their ability to mimick sounds to a surprising degree of perfection. We used to hear them all the time in the bushland near my childhood hometown: they would often imitate a bizarre mixture of chainsaws, truck engines, and other birds.

Links (accesssed 7 June 2009)


Dandenong Ranges National Park – Information

My Photos are also available as art prints, mostly in the form of greeting cards. They can be viewed at my RedBubble Profile. The following links are to the same photos on my Bubblesite Gallery:

Late Autumn Branches

Ferny Creek Leaves

Leaves At End Of Autumn

Kookaburra, Mount Dandenong



  1. Hey gal I love the photos!

    I’ve seen the lyrebird on TV and they are amazing! Mimicking police sirens, camera shutters even other birds etc…

    It is a blessing to spend time out in God’s creation…

  2. Thanks 🙂

    Yeah Lyrebirds are astounding things.

    I love being out in the bush – I feel a lot more alive out there than stuck in the suburbs!

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