Choo choo!

August 4, 2009

stampcollection2009-22At the risk of sounding like I know what I’m talking about, there are three locomotives here… err something about rolling stock.



  1. I really like that one. That is a beautiful red. It would make a very nice poster.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty impressive!

    I think most Australian issue stamps are made available as art prints at some point, though this is an old-ish stamp by now.

    http://www.stamps.com.au/ – turns out there’s an official website. My little sister used to get their magazines… ah, memories!

  3. Hello again :D!

    Yes, you are right: there are 3 locomotives; I can see them too lol.

    So, do you collect stamps? This one is quite beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this art :D!


  4. I have collected stamps in the past and occasionally I will keep them if they catch my eye 🙂

    hehe my husband works in the railways industry so any terminology I’ve picked up is due to him. The problem is that I’ve started identifying the different types of trains we have here in our state – and there’s a lot! It’s embarrassing. I was at an open day a few years back at a major Melbourne train station and got interviewd for the national news – where they described me as a ‘train enthusiast.’ Eep! My whole family saw it and it took a long time to move beyond that point. I still claim that the only reason I know anything is because it helps me make sense of my husband’s conversations when he comes home from work. It’s just a side effect of this that I know the basic steps to getting a train running when it’s not working properly… hmm

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