Green Train In Aussie Desert

November 3, 2009




  1. Very nice art, once again.:)

  2. Yes, it’s a nice one!

  3. Good morning. I stand in agreement with the above comments. While we don’t have deserts around here, there’s something profound about the desert places. A place where all that is of this world is stripped away and the refiners fire performs its work in the hearts of the holy seekers and loving inquirers. A place of trials; of lonliness, of death to all that is “self” as one is brought to their wits end. And then, when they can go on no longer…revelation. A glimpse into the divine realities and a taste of the world to come. Enhanced understanding of our faithful Creator who inhabits all of eternity and is forging us into his likeness.

    Thanks for fostering reflection this morning. Blessings always in Jesus name.


  4. Thanks for writing timbob, very interesting thoughts! The desert is definitely something else! I’ve got friends who’ve said that visiting northern Australia is like being in a completely different country, the landscapes and people are so different to those of us who live in the relatively cold and wet southeast coastal regions.

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