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398. Australian Soil II

January 27, 2010


Photograph, September 2009.

More little purple flowers at the local cricket reserve.

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397. Australian Soil III

January 20, 2010


Photograph, September 2009.

We live in a really odd suburb. To the untrained eye it is just another collection of old houses and roads and shops. Not a  whole lot else. After living here a few years I started to discover things – like the massive reserve with two cricket ovals, walking tracks and heaps of Australian native plants that is hidden at the end of our street. It makes me wonder just how I missed it. It’s tucked away out the back but the area is absolutely massive and a haven for people walking their dogs or jogging.

It’s very hot there, for some reason, and parts of it feel more like an outback desert rather than a southeastern suburb.

In September all these tiny purple flowers appear in the ‘desert’ part of the reserve. They’re really cute and add a lovely splash of colour in an otherwise brown, yellow and dry bike track.


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396. Christmas Cat

January 13, 2010


Watercolour pencil and colour pencil on paper, 2009.

I wanted to create a Christmas card friendly design. It was good fun drawing this cat by a fireplace. Even though it’s summer during our Christmas, those of us in the southern end of the continent do get a decent amount of freezing cold days.


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