404. Winged horse flying over flowers

April 7, 2010

Original illustration: ink fineliner on paper, April 2010. This image is from the RedBubble t-shirt previewer.

I drew this as just a little sketch and my husband turned it into a RedBubble friendly t-shirt. I am very happy with how it turned out. If I can say so myself. I posted it here and here. The first one is my RedBubble Profile, the second is my Bubblesite. The Profile allows users to comment on images and favourite them, the Bubblesite is an online store.



  1. I hope you can sell some shirts.

  2. If you wish to of course.

  3. Hi, I left some other comments that did not publish, but no big deal.

    I hope the T-Shirt business goes well for you and family.:)

  4. I hope the T-Shirt business goes well for you and your husband.


  5. Thank you! It’s not particularly lucrative, unfortunately, but I have bought some RedBubble shirts and find them very good quality! 🙂 I have bought from other sites like t-shirts.com and the shirts from RedBubble do last a long time. It’s a fun little hobby, regardless! 🙂

  6. Man, all my attempts eventually published. Lol.

    God bless.

  7. haha yes, I don’t know why it filtered them as potential spam! Ah, the bizarre world of blogging…

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