Hi all!

May 31, 2010

Hello to my wonderful readers,

just a quick hello. I apologise for my lack of presence here recently. I am currently in the midst of illness, university assignments and the general hectic life that precedes the winter school holidays! I hope to get back here as soon as I write my essays and get back to full health! 🙂



  1. Father…thank You that we may in prayer step into Your very presence…

    Lord I bring before You my sister who is struggling with illness and the copious busyness of her life…thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful Church sister…

    Father we know that You are aware of all these things…and that You are overflowing in abundant love and grace…

    …During this time Holy Spirit please impress Your fingerprints upon her life to rejuvenate her spirit…that she may feel both Your love and that of her Church family…

    Lord Jesus thank You for living among us and knowing first hand our struggles with suffering…thank You for Your model of determination, humility and compassion…and love for the ill…

    May Your will be done…and may we be Your Kingdom here and now…


  2. Please get well.

    Imagine that, a life outside of blogging.:)

  3. Thank you! Yes, a life outside blogging. I guess the blogging would be rather bland if there was no life behind it! 😀

  4. Thanks Livingsword for your prayers (e-prayers?!), I appreciate it very much. How amazing is it that we can send our prayers anywhere in the world?! As one of my friends says, it’s like sending a prayer missile anywhere God needs it sent! 😀

  5. How true…

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