You know you’re Australian when…

June 18, 2010

Here’s a link to an article I found at http://www.zompist.com/aussie.html. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can say that, in my experience, it’s largely true!

Quote: “You drive on the left-hand side of the road. You stop at red lights even if nobody’s around. If you’re a pedestrian and cars are stopped at a red light, you will fearlessly cross the street in front of them.” Yes, that’s right!

“Christmas is right on the summer solstice and is quite often the hottest day of the year. You spend it with your family, give presents, and put up a tree. Your decorations still feature sleighs and snowflakes. You send people cards with pictures of White Christmases. There is nothing unusual in having Christmas dinner outdoors.”

I suggest that a Melbourne version might include:

– you have an inbuilt suspicion regarding people from Sydney

– you harbour dreams of either (a) sporting success (b) literary / poetry success

– you wear mostly black clothes

– you know that Aussie Rules is the most superior football code

– you think people from Adelaide sound a bit posh

Any of my friends care to suggest other Aussie-isms or Victorian-isms?



  1. ‘You know you’re Australian when…’

    You get hammered by the Germans in football…sorry.;)

  2. Yes, I know, where is Canada (WC)?

    ‘- you wear mostly black clothes’

    I do as well.

    ‘- you know that Aussie Rules is the most superior football code’

    Well then OZ can always win at that, kind of like the Americans with the NFL.

    I hope to see Australia one day.

  3. hahaha ouch! I think I’m the only Aussie I know not staying up late at night to watch Australia get pounded in the World Cup.

    Meanwhile, as for Aussie Rules football, it’s a distinctly Victorian thing – a lot of other states just aren’t that interested! Most of the teams are Melbourne-based, including my favourite team, the Essendon Bombers.

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