10 Blogging Commandments?

September 3, 2010

Thought this constituted some good advice. What is it with angry “religious” blogs, anyway? (Speaking as a committed Christian who sees no need for vitriolic attacks on people with different opinions and perspectives – there’s room enough on the Internet for everyone, right?)




  1. There is too much anger at times, and often not enough open-minded dialogue.


  2. I agree! Very angry people… And it’s a real shame that we followers of Jesus need to be reminded not to be angry! 🙂

  3. Update:


    Happy Weekend

  4. Thanks for the updated link.

  5. Hello,

    With your two new posts (at least), the comment app. did not appear.

    What I wanted to write was that it is good to support apologetics, and that is of course an interest of mine.


  6. Thanks Dr Russ! Yes… I may have deliberately removed the comments box. I love apologetics but I admittedly don’t hugely enjoy the long drawn-out blog comment debates that can arise when touching on topics that Christians find so emotive!

  7. Lol. Well, yes they can be a pain.

    Dr. Kingpin

  8. Definitely – I’m sure you’ve suffered through that more than I have, judging from the comments on your blog at times!

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