Is It Odd To Photograph Pylons? (via PurpleT Photography)

January 14, 2011

I was impressed with this blogger’s photography and philosophy. It’s worth a read!

Is It Odd To Photograph Pylons? Being someone who has environmental leanings, i have often found it rather disturbing that here in the UK, applications for wind turbines can be rejected with one of the main reasons being that people complain they will be able to see them. “I’ll be able to see them from my house!” “I’ll be able to see them on the hill over there, it’s just not right!” Yet mention to these same people that you can see the line of electricity pylons from their hou … Read More

via PurpleT Photography


  1. […] Nuclear energy is used to create steam to turn turbines. Uranium is split apart to create heat energy. The heat energy is applied to water, creating steam for use in turning a turbine. Once electricity is created, it travels through a transformer and changes from low to high voltage electricity. High voltage electrical current moves within thick transmission lines. Traveling current is kept high above the ground by Also you can take a look at this related read: https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/is-it-odd-to-photograph-pylons-via-purplet-pho… […]

  2. Wind turbines look neat, then again I have always thought power lines looked artistic.

  3. Very interesting…I like the photo and the story…

    My part of the world may then be a bit different…Vancouver is after all full of rather queer folk…

    We have a wind turbine at the top of a mountain soaring above the city in full view:


    …and for the past several years there have been demonstrations against pylons (power towers):


    By the way the wind turbine almost never moves…

  4. Thanks for the links, that was interesting! 🙂

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