436. Spiderwebs

March 7, 2011

Photos, Nikon D40, February 2011.

My Decaying Garden Series.

I noticed that despite the somewhat unattractive patch of land that I call my garden was full of death and decay (assisted by the application of a significant amount of herbicide). I took numerous photos on 25 February 2011 (late summer).


  1. […] . Spiderwebs […]

  2. My wife and I recently watched a program about spiders in Australia…

    Alas I think it may have irretrievably denied any possibility of traveling to that little island…

  3. Yes! I laughed at this then remembered that just yesterday I got multiple bites from a notoriously poisonous species of spider – the white tail (Lampona cylindrata). Now I have to keep a close eye on it lest my leg starts rotting away (necrotising arachnidism). Oh how I wish that were a joke. It’s life on the edge in Australia!

  4. I’ve never been bitten by a spider (and I’ve lived here all my life). My theory is that because I don’t kill them…they don’t hurt me…but probably I’ve just been lucky.

  5. That’s impressive! I try to not kill them yet they still bite me. 😦

  6. Yes…I was worried that might be the case…

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