On the Amalgamation, I’ll occasionally post video clips from musicians. They’re not always necessarily Christian artists, though I’ll try to ensure I have more Christian musicians than any other on here.

I enjoy a variety of music, though my personal favourite styles usually involve hefty doses of hard rock, heavy metal and loud guitars! I’m a bit of a victim of the grunge era, though I was a tad too young to be into grunge in its early 1990s heyday, I was a big fan of a lot of grunge artists. These days I usually listen to the local Australian alternative and classical music radio stations. I’m not a fan of television, so radio listening takes priority over television in our household!

As a teenager I played a variety of musical instruments. I was my school’s band captain at the age of 15 / 16, and I played flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass guitar and guitar. A song I co-wrote also appeared on a 1998 album in the Kool Skools series! It was a punk song, though we felt it did not turn out as well as it should have! I played electric guitar for that track.

To find music entries in this blog, go to Musical Musings.

Music and Cartoon Video Clips can also be found at Music / Cartoons.

Copyright 2008

March 2008, the author posing with one of her guitars.

Photography by Matt.

Originally posted 24 March 2008. / Updated 6 November 2008 13.13].

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