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Hi! Welcome to The Amalgamation, my rambling blog with added bits and pieces.

If you are wondering where to start, here’s a few highlights:

The Amalgamation Blog

This blog started as an art blog on Blogger.Com, “A Humble Art Folio,” in November 2006. It also incorporates the themes of Christian spirituality, Christian apologetics, environmentalism, and Australian social issues. There are other themes that pop up from time-to-time, but the main emphases are art and Christianity.


This is the key theme of my blog. I am interested in drawing a few main subjects. Art and media that you will probably see repeated through the Art Folio include horses, giraffes, women, visual journalling, spirituality, Australian birds, the Bible, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, canvas, paper, journals and photography. Some of my artwork is available for sale at http://flokot.redbubble.com/, where you can find t-shirts, greeting cards and poster prints.

My inspirations are wide and varied, and I am generally open-minded when it comes to art.


I am a follower of Jesus Christ. On this blog I have sought to avoid the small controversies – such as denominational stuff. I try to create an open environment that allows believers of all denominations to feel at home.

Christian apologetics

This is an area of theology that, put simply, studies the evidence for and against Christianity, and seeks to answer questions about Christian belief. Apologetics comes from a word in the New Testament that means “to give a defence,” like in a court case. My main area of interest is Creation apologetics. Most of my life  so far has been spent as a keen believer in evolution, with the occasional vague concept of God as the driving force behind evolution. However, since becoming a follower of Christ I have sought to place His Word above the word of fallible man. Most references to Creation apologetics in the Amalgamation are in the form of links to external apologetics ministries and their work on this topic.


I am a vegetarian and former animal rights activist who believes that good stewardship of God’s Creation is an essential part of my practical walk as a believer. This environmentalism takes into account many things – the impact on Creation of certain actions and industries; the conditions faced by human workers; and the belief that the world has enough resources to support humanity, but that these resources are used selfishly and distributed unfairly. I’m not suggesting any particular political belief on this issue, though. My own form of politics tends to involve elements of both right and left wing thinking. I believe in grass roots, individual action that can collectively create an impact. Various causes I agree with include the preservation of endangered species, genetic diversity (but not genetic modification), water conservation in Australia, protection of whales, green energy and vegetarianism as ways of reducing environmental destruction. I believe that if more individuals seek out ways to live lower-impact lives, we can have a tangible affect on the planet.

Simple ideas that I use and recommend include:

– using left over water (e.g., bath water, dish washing water) on the garden

– looking for locally indigenous plants for the garden. This is especially important in Australia, where the indigenous plants tend to need less water

– supporting charities that teach sustainable farming practices to struggling communities

– learning and sharing about the issues facing the environment

– not being too quick to jump on board with conspiracy theories!

– vegetarianism as a way of eating that uses less resources in farming than other food sources

– buying locally made where possible

– supporting farmers’ markets

– buying organic where possible


I am very happy to call Australia home. My ancestors have been here for 200 years, and as a result I don’t particularly identify with any other nations except Australia. My husband and children are of Australian / Eastern European background, which has resulted in my developing an interest in that part of the world.

Australian issues I touch upon are quite varied, including Reconciliation (more information can be found at the website http://www.reconciliation.org.au/); sport (especially horse racing, and yes, I know it seems like a random topic for this blog!); and all things South Gippsland (a region in southeastern Victoria in which I used to live).


I am an avid reader. I love reading books and at any given time can have 5 or 6 on the go. I think I have exhausted my local library’s collection of Star Wars Expanded Universe novels! I’ve got a list of books I’ve enjoyed at https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/books-books-books/.

[Originally Posted 16 December 2008 / Updated 16-12-2008 13.42]


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  2. Hey, came across your site while looking for discussion on Project 86, oddly enough. Like the art theme!

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