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407. Birds and Heritage Vegetable Gardening

June 18, 2010

Ink fineliner on paper, circa February 2010.

A bird on a pumpkin! I was reading a book on heritage vegetable gardening and felt so inspired by the beautiful fruits and vegetables that I decided to create an illustration representing that. I got the references for the birds from a book on Australian birds, though right now I can’t recall what kind of birds they are, exactly. I’m still working on my knowledge of Australian avians!

Heritage Vegetable Gardening information can be found at The Diggers Club website.


377. Purple Fantasy Bird

September 7, 2009


Coloured pencil on paper, July 2009.

I see this as typical of my attempts to try and recreate the childish joy of inventing and imagining strange new creatures. Admittedly, this one is not hugely unusual – if anything, it resembles a purple version of any number of birds typically found around this area of Australia. However, it was fun to draw and isn’t that, really, the point? To have fun and be expressive and explore ideas?

Information on this drawing as an art print and greeting card can be found at my RedBubble.Com Bubblesite.


Hawk Owl, Christmas Island

September 1, 2009



376. Collage: horses and birds

August 31, 2009


Mixed media, July 2009.

This is a collage of my various horse sketches and bird sketches, all glued together! The birds are mostly inspired by southern Australian native species. The horses are mostly inspired by Arabian horses.

It’s available as a card or laminated print at my Bubblesite at RedBubble.Com.


White Tailed Kingfisher

June 30, 2009


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