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Happy person with house, spider, and astronomy

August 20, 2010

Felt tip marker on lined folder paper, A4, circa 2009.

Illustration by N. aged 5 years.

Maybe it’s the biased mother speaking, but I thought this was super cute!


slightly morbid children’s art

September 16, 2009

Some slightly disturbing but amusing drawings by my son (aged 6 years old at the time).


Three bananas on a table smiling, while the fourth banana is sad because it is being eaten.


A house eating people (with the words “munch munch” written below its mouth), while a cloud smiles and watches.


A tree and a person, both sad for some reason. I can’t remember what the explanation was for this one!


4 year old handwriting

September 11, 2009



A 4-year-old’s Menagerie

August 1, 2009

I found these drawings in my notebook. They are usually the results of my morning trips to a local coffee shop. While I sit there enjoying my soy cappuccino, my pre-school child takes my notebook and pen and begins sketching. Here’s some of her drawings from this year.





July 13, 2009


Pencil on paper, June 2009.

Drawn by my 4-year-old. She tells me that it’s a blowfish. I thought it was super cute!


341. Backyard Photo Blitz

May 20, 2009


My mum tells me that this is called a swan plant.


Some chalk art on the driveway, courtesy of the children.


Air vents on the side of the house.


A crack in the footpath.

Photography, April 2009.


Keeping the Children Busy

May 17, 2009

A few snapshots from the April / Easter school holidays. I thought there might be something in this – “baby’s first SLR camera,” perhaps.


Grandparents take note: invest in a Nintendo Wii and be amazed at how often the grandchildren visit.

20090405entertainingchildren3It’s my theory that every 4 year old is ready to learn how to operate a Digital SLR.

We’ll start her on the Nikon D40 before she graduates to the D90.



This photo entertained me. For some reason certain members of my husband’s family decided to strain the sausages out of the goo mix,

which resulted in a gruesome looking series of photos.


Go to a playground, hand a DSLR to a little kid, and enjoy the surprises that await when looking at the photos afterwards. Life is different when viewed from closer to the ground.


Super Cute Pre-Schooler Stick Figure

December 5, 2008

20081201-flokot-visualdiary-june08-2jun4Wednesday 4 June 2008 – 10.45 am

Feels like I’m running on empty all the time. It’s nice to just take a breather and draw pictures with my daughter. She draws the cutest stick figures. Here’s one just here…

I’ve got an exam tomorrow – I really must study some more.


287. Swing Set With Evil Ivy

September 12, 2008

Photograph, September 2008.

A backyard swing set with slide and soccer ball. I find the suburban backyard almost suffocating. Perhaps it is just our yard, but the whole fenced-in, surrounded, everything confined and contained, it feels very frustrating to someone who spent the first 23 years of their life living in the wide open spaces of the country. The ivy is a weed around here, it is not meant to be growing in our yard but unfortunately the stuff has taken over our entire back fence.


Small Boat On Land

June 8, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Sunday 2 March 2008 – 2.45 pm

Playground in Hastings, Victoria.

It has a bit of a seafaring theme – the main playground has the appearance of a ship.

There’s a small boat on the water-type ride… Except that it’s on bark chips.

– My eldest child sits in the front of the boat, yelling at his younger sister to “hurry up, the waves are too big!”


242. Inspired by Arabian Horse

May 19, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot

Pen on paper, May 2008.

Copyright 2008. This colouring page may be printed for private home use only. Not for sale or distribution.

Here is the original, after it was coloured by a 5-year-old boy.

Copyright F. Lokot 2008


222. Strange Sights in the Backyard

April 22, 2008

what the kids do for entertainment

Photograph, September 2007.

I walked outside to find this doll’s pram (stroller, perambulator, whatever you prefer to call it) hanging off the washing line. The kids must have been bored. It creeped me out at first!


Frightened of Small Children

March 7, 2008

Visual Diary Children’s Church

Saturday 19 January 2008 – 6.07 pm

Sitting at church, in the Kids’ Church room supervising one of my children. I was probably not called to children’s ministry. Other people’s kids scare me… 🙂

Can barely hear the sermon over the sound of screaming kids!

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