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466. Gum Tree

August 7, 2011

Date unknown, approximately 2010 or 2011, lomography photograph scan, Lomo LC-A+RL camera, 35 mm film.



439. Lomo: Me, by an empty cricket ground

March 15, 2011

Lomo, LC-A+RL camera, 35 mm black and white film, approximately 2009 or 2010.

This is me. Photo taken by someone else, presumably my husband!


438. Lomo: Warning Sign

March 11, 2011

Lomo photo, Lomo LC-A+RL camera, black  & white film, approx. 2009 0r 2010.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Found on the side of some cricket nets.


425. Care Bears Piled On A Beanbag

January 29, 2011

2010, photo, Lomo LC-A+RL camera, scanned black and white film negative something or other (I have misplaced my detailed notes).

Care Bears toys, piled on a corduroy beanbag. A beautiful sight.

Lomography – more fun than photography, if you ask me!

LCA cameras



351. Я ЛОМО

June 4, 2009


December 2008, photograph, 35 mm scanned negative, Lomo LC-A+RL camera.

This is me, photo taken on Christmas Eve by my husband. We were just mucking around with our beloved LC-A camera. The sunset silhouette made me laugh when we developed it. It’s astounding the comments annd queries we get from family members. “What, is that a film camera?” “Who uses film anymore?”

Bah… they must have no sense of organic artistry… Digital might be handy but nothing  beats the clarity of film… evenx if it is then taken through the not-so-clear Lomo cameras. Ah I love these things!

More information:

see the Flickr.Com group Lomo Kompakt Automat

LC-As and other Lomo cameras are available at the Lomography Shop

(all links accessed 4 May 2009)


334. My Lomotastic Life

May 1, 2009





Lomographs, 2008.


A view of my pantry featuring, from left: vanilla extract, vinegar, Heinz tomato sauce, Australian extra virgin olive oil, Sanitarium Nutolene (peanut based protein stuff for vegetarians), Vegemite… Ah Vegemite.


Pirate children…

My lomographs usually end up at

If you’re still wondering what on Earth lomography is, go to It’s a lot of fun. I shoot using a Lomo L-CA+RL, with 35 mm film.


284. Rainbow

September 3, 2008

Scanned film photograph, October 1999.

Rainbow in the clouds… We used to see some spectacular storms from our carport!

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