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435. Flowers

March 3, 2011

Photos, Nikon D40, February 2011.

My Decaying Garden Series.

I noticed that despite the somewhat unattractive patch of land that I call my garden was full of death and decay (assisted by the application of a significant amount of herbicide). I took numerous photos on 25 February 2011 (late summer).

In the midst of all the decay, I found these humble pretty flowers – a dandelion, and a daisy.


418. Young Woman In The Flowers

September 13, 2010

August and September 2010 – hand drawn on paper, edited in Photoshop Elements 6 on a Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

It is with much joy that I have finally, after a long break, completed a new artwork. From beginning to end I worked for at least a month on this design, in between homework, essay writing and several nasty viruses.

The flowers in the image are inspired by examples of south-east Australian wildflowers that I found in a handbook to the Australian bush.

At the time of writing, I am selling t-shirts, postcards and greeting cards featuring this design. It can be found at my RedBubble Profile and Bubblesite Gallery.


404. Winged horse flying over flowers

April 7, 2010

Original illustration: ink fineliner on paper, April 2010. This image is from the RedBubble t-shirt previewer.

I drew this as just a little sketch and my husband turned it into a RedBubble friendly t-shirt. I am very happy with how it turned out. If I can say so myself. I posted it here and here. The first one is my RedBubble Profile, the second is my Bubblesite. The Profile allows users to comment on images and favourite them, the Bubblesite is an online store.


393. Leaf Litter With Rose Petals

October 27, 2009


Photograph, April 2009.

I was really taken with the bright red rose petals on the brown oak leaves.


392. White Roses On Bright Autumn Day

October 22, 2009


Photograph, April 2009.


387. Green Bug on White Rose

October 6, 2009


Photograph, April 2009.


386. White Rose

October 1, 2009


Photograph, April 2009.

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