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Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19

September 10, 2011

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Official Website

One o’ t’ finest holidays – well, celebration days – out thar be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. For t’ last few years I have sought t’ recognise Talk Like A Pirate Day. Join me!


443. Corset Girl With A Giant Head

May 10, 2011

Ballpoint pen on paper, 14 March 2011.


Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 10, 2010



391. Horse With Sunglasses

October 20, 2009


Sharpie marker on yellow cloth-textured paper, August 2008.


390. Horse On Yellow Paper

October 15, 2009


Sharpie marker on yellow ‘cloth-textured’ paper, August 2008.


Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19, 2009


19 September 2009, drawn on an iPhone using the ‘Doodle Buddy’ app.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – 19th September. Mark it in your diaries!


379. Mr Hippo’s Herbarium

September 17, 2009



Ink fineliners on paper, August 2009.

Caption reads: “When Mr Hippo was not chasing the local river fishermen, he enjoyed growing herbs for the organic produce market.”

I was trying to combine a Beatrix Potter-inspired cute animal in pretty garden vibe with that morbid truth that the hippopotamus is an incredibly dangerous animal.

A few years ago, on a visit to a zoo, we were able to handle the skull of a pygmy hippopotamus. I could not believe how sharp its teeth were… and that was the smaller hippo. I imagine the full size version would be full on terrifying!

I have made this design available for sale on greeting cards and art prints:


Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 12, 2009

It’s like, the only annual feast day that I remember to get into… that, and all the ones that have personal spiritual significance. Talk Like A Pirate Day is awesome fun! 🙂

For the article that originally brought it to popular attention, read:

(accessed 23-9-2008)


374. Evil Clowns deserve more attention

August 22, 2009


Ink fineliner on paper, July 2009.

There’s something hideous about clowns. Shudder! I don’t know what it is, nor do I know the origin of my fascination with evil clowns. There are Christmas-inspired elements here, too – namely the reindeer and the tinsel on the mast.

In terms of influences in my own life –

There’s an episode of the Simpsons where Rod and Todd Flanders poke a drunk and passed-out Krusty the Klown. They ask the question, ‘Do you think he’s evil?’

Then there’s all the clowns in heavy metal culture. Maybe its some weird horror movie thing. I don’t watch horror movies so I wouldn’t know…

I’m not sure if any of this makes much sense, but there it is. Enjoy!

More information on this illustration is available at my Bubblesite at Redbubble.Com. Prints available in the following formats:

Framed print

Mounted print

Laminated print

Canvas Print


Matted Print


368. Fat Cat With Spots

July 27, 2009


Coloured pencil on paper, February / March 2009.


365. Horsey

July 6, 2009


Digital art, July 2009.


361. Don’t Ask Me What It Is

June 15, 2009


Digital art, Paint, April 2009.

ahahahah this is another one of my lazy day Paint efforts.


360. It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

June 14, 2009


Digital art, April 2009.

With the arrival of our new baby Netbook (an Asus Eee PC of some description – don’t ask me for specifics, because I’m not some tech head who knows this stuff), I took great delight in the novelty of playing with long-forgotten PC type stuff. We’ve been using a Mac Mini for a few years, so imagine my delight when my new Netbook came already armed with Paint. Hooray!

I proceeded to draw the first thing that came to mind. What you see here is the first creation I made on Paint on the new computer. I hope you enjoy its crude simplicity.


352. “Mummy, I don’t like that train, he’s angry”

June 5, 2009



Question #7 – A-List

February 9, 2009

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Do you care in the slightest what celebrities do in their spare time?

Here’s the reader question of the day / week / month (whatever it happens to be)…

Feel free to leave an answer in the comments section. All views will be tolerated and it’s not meant to be a debate forum – just share what you think!


Question #1 – Colours

January 23, 2009

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What is your favourite colour and why?

Here’s the reader question of the day / week / month (whatever it happens to be)…

Feel free to leave an answer in the comments section. All views will be tolerated and it’s not meant to be a debate forum – just share what you think!


A Bit of a Laugh

December 16, 2008

Here’s some links to a few Christian websites that poke a bit of fun at Church culture. For the jaded, world weary Christian… ! 🙂 And for those of us who are uncomfortable with “This car will be empty in case of rapture” bumper stickers and “Guardian Angel” statues…

Parody News at LarkNews.Com

“Man discovered to have two church families”

“Man tired of being used in sermon illustrations”

“NASA upset at astronaut’s ‘prayer walks'”

“My church is embarking on something called ’40 days of purpose.’ Can you explain what this is?”

“Pastor laments, ‘My son won’t raise hell.’

Christian Culture at Ship of Fools

“12 Days of Kitschmas”

“Gadgets for God”

“Fruit Tube”


304. Feelings…

November 25, 2008


Watercolour pastel and pencil on paper, October / November 2008.

This is from one of my rare super-girly happy warm fuzzy moments. Maybe life is finally eroding away my super-cynicism.


303. Cute Giraffe

November 21, 2008


Pastel pencil on paper, October / November 2008.

Giraffes! I like giraffes! I have recently had success with a giraffe design I drew for a t-shirt – I’ve been so surprised with the interest people have in giraffes.

In the past I enjoyed collecting giraffe figurines. They are one of the few animals that rival horses in the race to be my favourite animal! haha (I like animals in general so I don’t think I could ever say I don’t like a particular creature… with the possible exception of wasps!)

(On the 13 November 2008 this image was made available for sale as a gift card and matted print via the RedBubble.Com site. The card was selling for AUD$3.69 and the print for AUD$30.75.)


Ooooh It’s a Poll…

October 27, 2008
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