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456. Girl Sitting On A Rock With A Skull And Knife

July 18, 2011

Ball point pen on A4 photocopier paper, 23 February 2011.


429. This Could Be Construed As Romantic

February 14, 2011

Faber-Castell pencil on paper, January 2011.

Happy Valentine’s Day?


428. Uncertain Footwear

February 12, 2011

Ballpoint pen on notepaper, January 2011.

The writing at the bottom says, “What kind of shoes would Death wear?”


422. Diary of a swamp monster

November 24, 2010

Pen on notepaper, November 24 2010.

Another sketch from a quick study break. Click on the image to enlarge.


388. Ummm

October 8, 2009


Pencil on paper, April 2008.

I think this is more of a concept piece than a finished artwork! It was just some mucking around with my pencils!


371. Pencil Girl Sketch

August 13, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, July 2009.


353. Girl Sketch

June 6, 2009



347. Grrrl

May 20, 2009


Watercolour pastel on paper, December 2008.


332. Felt Tip Marker And Crayon

April 24, 2009

20081230-scanart-flokot-9Felt tip marker and crayon on pink tinted paper, December 2008.

something completely different…


331. Pen Girl Sketch

April 20, 2009

20081216-brownbook-dec7Fine liner pen on paper, December 2008.


330. Pencil Girl Sketch

April 17, 2009

20081216-brownbook-dec61Pencil on paper, December 2008.


T-Shirts For Sale

March 5, 2009

Here’s some of my t-shirt designs that can be found at my Bubblesite. All of them start out as hand drawn illustrations – whether using marker, ink liner, or coloured pencil. The images are then scanned and cleaned, before being turned into redbubble t-shirt templates. According to the RedBubble t-shirt information:

“T-Shirts are made with 100% cotton American Apparel fabric, and are available in cuts to suit men and women.”

You can choose alternative colours for most of the shirts. If you’re after unique t-shirts with designs by an Aussie artist, I hope you’ll give these a go!



This giraffe t-shirt has been by far the most popular design I have on offer.




This dinosaur t-shirt is a reflection of my not so secret wish that I had a pet dinosaur… Turns out they’re hard to find, though!


314. Girl

January 14, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, December 2008.


308. Lady Wearing Less Than I Would In Public

December 19, 2008

20081216-brownbook-dec2Pencil on paper, December 2008.


291. Elfish Girl In Coloured Beeswax

September 22, 2008

Tinted beeswax crayon and graphite pencil on lined notepaper, August 2008.

Sometimes art is more fun when I just grab a notebook and start drawing. This came after a raid on my children’s pencil case. I have noticed a definite hint of Ancient Egyptian influence on the style of drawing I employ, with the person in profile, yet having a distored perspective as the eye is viewed front-on. Well, I can see this, even if no one else can!

I find Egyptian culture fascinating. Earlier this year I read a really interesting book, Unwrapping the Pharaohs, which offers an interesting possible harmonisation of Ancient Egyptian archaeology with that of the Ancient Hebrews. It’s written by Australian* authors John Ashton and David Down, and you kind find out more information at the publisher’s website. Click here for more information. I bought my copy from Koorong Books in Australia.

*That is, I’m reasonably certain they are Australian!


271. The Skinny Girl Lost Somewhere Within My Body

July 7, 2008
Copyright F. Lokot 2007

Copyright F. Lokot 2007

Graphite pencil on paper, August 2008.

This was drawn at a time when I was quite ill, and the medication caused significant weight increases. It was an awful time, and I hope I don’t experience anything like that again. There was a time when my figure was not far off the body shape of the girl in this drawing, so it was something of a shock to have such rapid weight gain, when, aside from pregnancy, I had never experienced that before. Sigh!


260. Girl And Antelope

June 12, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Pen on paper, March 2008.

I have no idea what this represents or why I drew it. I just wanted to draw something a little weird, that’s all.


257. Monster Girl

June 9, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Pencil on paper, April 2008.


247. Girl

May 27, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Felt tip marker and pen on paper, 2008.

Exploring other self-perceptions…?


240. Desperate Quest For Beauty

May 18, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Pen and pencil on yellow journal paper, April 2008.

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