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372. Another day, another horse

August 17, 2009


Pencil on paper, July 2009.


369. Trotter

August 6, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, March 2009.


328. Don

April 10, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, February 2009.

Another Russian-style horse. This one is based on the Don breed.

More information:

Don Horse

Horse2Buy – Don Horse

Art for sale:

This illustration is available for sale in various printed formats, including greeting cards, canvas prints and laminated prints. See for more information..

All links accessed 5 March 2009.


327. Budenny

April 6, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, February 2009.

It must be all the Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky books on my bedside table, or the interest in Eastern European culture I”ve developed since marrying a part-Ukrainian… but I thought I’d have a go drawing Russian types of horses. As most of the time I draw Arabians or Thoroughbreds, it was kind of nice taking a break and drawing the Russian breeds. This one is inspired by the Budenny breed of horse.

More information:


“The Budenny Horse”

Art For Sale:

I’ve got this for sale as an art print, available in various formats including matted and framed prints and greeting cards.

Go to for more information and to view in larger size.

All links accessed 5 March 2009.


311. Girl Thing

January 7, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, December 2008.


292. Cutesy Horse In Pencil

September 24, 2008

Graphite pencil on paper, March 2008.

I think it’s cute, if I may say so myself!


288. Jump, Horsey, Jump

September 15, 2008

Graphite pencil on paper, approximately 2008.

I still find horses’ proportions difficult to draw. Sigh!

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