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Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19, 2009


19 September 2009, drawn on an iPhone using the ‘Doodle Buddy’ app.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – 19th September. Mark it in your diaries!


379. Mr Hippo’s Herbarium

September 17, 2009



Ink fineliners on paper, August 2009.

Caption reads: “When Mr Hippo was not chasing the local river fishermen, he enjoyed growing herbs for the organic produce market.”

I was trying to combine a Beatrix Potter-inspired cute animal in pretty garden vibe with that morbid truth that the hippopotamus is an incredibly dangerous animal.

A few years ago, on a visit to a zoo, we were able to handle the skull of a pygmy hippopotamus. I could not believe how sharp its teeth were… and that was the smaller hippo. I imagine the full size version would be full on terrifying!

I have made this design available for sale on greeting cards and art prints:


Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 12, 2009

It’s like, the only annual feast day that I remember to get into… that, and all the ones that have personal spiritual significance. Talk Like A Pirate Day is awesome fun! 🙂

For the article that originally brought it to popular attention, read:

(accessed 23-9-2008)


360. It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

June 14, 2009


Digital art, April 2009.

With the arrival of our new baby Netbook (an Asus Eee PC of some description – don’t ask me for specifics, because I’m not some tech head who knows this stuff), I took great delight in the novelty of playing with long-forgotten PC type stuff. We’ve been using a Mac Mini for a few years, so imagine my delight when my new Netbook came already armed with Paint. Hooray!

I proceeded to draw the first thing that came to mind. What you see here is the first creation I made on Paint on the new computer. I hope you enjoy its crude simplicity.


A Bit of a Laugh

December 16, 2008

Here’s some links to a few Christian websites that poke a bit of fun at Church culture. For the jaded, world weary Christian… ! 🙂 And for those of us who are uncomfortable with “This car will be empty in case of rapture” bumper stickers and “Guardian Angel” statues…

Parody News at LarkNews.Com

“Man discovered to have two church families”

“Man tired of being used in sermon illustrations”

“NASA upset at astronaut’s ‘prayer walks'”

“My church is embarking on something called ’40 days of purpose.’ Can you explain what this is?”

“Pastor laments, ‘My son won’t raise hell.’

Christian Culture at Ship of Fools

“12 Days of Kitschmas”

“Gadgets for God”

“Fruit Tube”



September 25, 2008

I know I’ve mentioned Project 86 perhaps more than once on here. Ok, maybe lots. Probably because, when I’m on the computer there’s usually a Project 86 CD playing somewhere in the background. If not them, then perhaps it’s something along the lines of Kutless, Disciple, P.O.D. or, Hillsong United (when I want something more mellow) and, if I really want to confuse the neighbours, it’s ‘Kashmir’ and ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin pumping at full volume… Anyway, where was I? Oh, in case that didn’t make sense, the neighbours are undoubtedly confused because roughly 90% of the time what’s blaring from my stereo is music by artists who happen to be Christians. And Led Zeppelin is known to be controversial among Christian circles. I still argue that you don’t need to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards to get pagan ideas, the New Age connotations are really quite obvious playing it in its normal direction. Oh but how awesome is that guitar riff, and I can’t help but start yelling, “and as we wind on down the roooooaaaaaaaaddddddddd….”!?!

Roughly on that topic, I’ve just been reading some of the writings at Andrew Schwab’s website. I am pretty much in tears with laughter. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that amused. Go check them out.


Talk Like A Pirate!

September 16, 2008


286. Pontificating Porpoise

September 6, 2008

Permanent Marker on yellow tinted linen paper, August 2008.

Hehehehe I’ve been mucking around with whale-themed sketches at the moment. I had to alliterate it, didn’t I?!

Linen paper is fascinating – I found it on the scrapbooking shelf at a local department store. It has this cloth-like texture and is fairly thick. I bought a packet of it to use for craft activities for my teen Bible study group, though ended up using about half of it for my own drawings! 😀



August 26, 2008

Last night I had a dream that the lawn mower was so clean we brought it into the loungeroom, and everyone remarked on how clean our lawn mower is.

True story (that I dreamt it, that is.)

It’s probably a reference to our horrendously messy front lawn that hasn’t been mown for weeks thanks to the much-needed rain!


Random Lawn Mower info on Wikipedia –


Batman Genius

July 31, 2008

Here’s a link to a hilarious collection of old-school Batman quotes.

I think it’s brilliant!


The VB Symphony

April 3, 2008
This is sheer brilliance!
To explain it, here’s one of the original VB ads. Listen carefully to the music and you’ll realise how brilliant the symphony is!

Nothing quite like some good satire

April 3, 2008
I’ve been really enjoying Lark News. Lark News, with its tagline “a good source for Christian news,” is actually a parody news site. It pokes gentle fun at the quirks of modern day Christian culture – but it is written by Christians. So it’s not meant to offend – it’s more scenarios that many Christians could relate to.
Admittedly, some of the stories are disturbingly believable. Having only been a Christian for a few years, the whole Westernised Christian culture can seem a bit strange to newcomers and outsiders. Whether it’s being nearly mowed down in a church car park by aggressive women drivers with “Jesus loves you” bumper stickers on their family transport 4WD; or receiving a lecture because I don’t know the A to Z of Christian celebrities (as if there should be such a thing as Christian celebrities!?!); or navigating the inexplicable hatred that different churches hold towards other denominations, I have personally found the experiences of Christian culture to be a bit strange, wacky, intimidating and funny. (As well as life enriching!) I enjoy the way Lark News reminds me that not everyone in Christendom thinks the same way as the churchian communities.
Anyway, here’s some headlines that made me laugh out aloud:

Dooms Night – Our Song!

March 7, 2008

Being inclined towards scepticism and cynicism at times, I must admit that I’ve always found the notion of couples having “our song” a bit… well… painfully corny and laughable. Apparently people do have their songs though, something signifiying the coming together of their relationship. I remember one wedding I attended – I was playing flute backed up with church organ for the ceremony. The song? Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do, I Do It For U.” Shudder! Sorry, I guess it’s just not my thing. But really, “our song”? We had often specualted over the course of our 6 years (so far) of marriage the seeming ridiculousness of having a song. I mused that perhaps the most appropriate might have been LeAnn Rimes’ “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.” Because as much as I don’t like that style of music, it was all over the radio and at every uni on-campus party when my husband and I met (we met when we both lived on the student residences back in 2001). I personally would’ve put my vote in for Rage Against the Machine’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” Why? Not because it’s particularly romantic, I just like the song, I like the band, and I thought The Grapes of Wrath was a good book.

This morning my husband pulled out one of his old mixed CDs. He skipped to a particular track and said, “this is probably the closest we have to ‘our song’.”

The song?

Azzido Da Bass’ “Dooms Night” (Timo Maas Remix). Mmm, random. Here’s a You Tube clip –

 And, you may ask, why on Earth would you pick that as “your song”?

Well, it seemed quite rational:

  • it’s the first song to which we danced together
  • it was played frequently in the first year of our relationship
  • it always takes us back to when we first met…

The downside? I don’t want to have an “our song.” It just makes me think of that Seinfeld episode, when Elaine’s boyfriend who was all caught up in “his song…” And it feels a bit… ummm… well I don’t know if it’s really “us.” !!

My husband was wondering if it should be more like the scene in Casablanca where the girl makes her request – “play it, Sam…” And it brings up old and sometimes painful memories for the couple.

Maybe we’re stuck with “our song,” whether it’s deliberate or not. Because whenever we hear Azzido Da Bass’ “Dooms Night” (Timo Maas Remix) we’ll be taken back to our early days, when we danced the night away at the student union lounge…


Ween “Your Party”

March 5, 2008


 This song never fails to make me laugh. I first encountered it on radio station Triple J. Here’s part of the first verse:

There were beverages laid out for the party
There were candy and spices and tricolored pastas
The meat carved was drawn from succulent juices
Served on platters of the purest gold


Anyone who sings about tri-coloured pasta must be a genius!

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