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361. Don’t Ask Me What It Is

June 15, 2009


Digital art, Paint, April 2009.

ahahahah this is another one of my lazy day Paint efforts.


311. Girl Thing

January 7, 2009


Graphite pencil on paper, December 2008.


Happy New Year + Random Blog Stuff

January 5, 2009

Hey hey,

well, happy New Year to all my readers! Thanks for hanging around for the last couple of years (first on and now, for the past 11 or so months, on

I thought I’d start this year’s posting efforts with a most exciting* listing of statistics for the Amalgamation (as in, the blog you are reading right now).

*taking a highly subjective definition of “exciting,” I know!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the regular readers whose thoughtful and friendly comments have contributed here!

Total views: 23,140

Busiest day: 683 — Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Posts: 304

Comments: 314

Categories: 18

Tags: 744

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The busiest day on this blog was 4 November 08, with the following appearing in the most searched terms that led people here:

melbourne cup 2008 winner    174
melbourne cup 2008 winners    145
melbourne cup 08 winner    12
winner melbourne cup 2008    12
winner of melbourne cup 2008    8
melbourne cup 2008 placings    7
winners of melbourne cup 2008    6
melbourne cup 08 winners    6
winners melbourne cup 2008    5
viewed melbourne cup winner breeding    3
melbourne cup race 2008 winner    3
horse art    3
face art drawing    2
lovers knot (nz)    2
horse stencil    2
khozaam    2
pencil sketches of stallions    2
scenic – thoroughbred racehorse and stal    2
melbourne cup winner 2008 breeding    2
viewed melbourne cup winner    2
2008 winner of melbourne cup    2
winners of the melbourne cup 2008    2
2008 melbourne cup wikipedia    2
winners of the 2008 melbourne cup    2
horse named viewed nz    2

The busiest month so far has been December 2008, with just over 5,000 views.

The most viewed posts are:
218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe 1,194 views
196. Red Horse 843 views
Melbourne Cup 2008 Winner – Viewed 806 views
The Amalgamation Home 682 views
249. Stallion Sketch 648 views
198. Christmas Inspired – Journey To Bethlehem 563 views
236. Self Portrait In Reflective Christmas Decoration 507 views
213. Chestnut Horse 487 views

Top Searches leading people here:
horse art,  australian birds,  arabian horse,  giraffe,  christmas 2008

Most Active Posts at the moment are:
213. Chestnut Horse 16 views
218. Pretty And Girly Giraffe 14 views
209. Crimson Rosella 9 views
236. Self Portrait In Reflective Christmas Decoration 8 views
215. Saurolophus osborni 8 views


Ooooh It’s a Poll…

October 27, 2008

Interesting Website For Apologetics

September 24, 2008

Just came across a website I hadn’t noticed before, it’s for people interested in Christian apologetics that focusses on science and faith. It’s at and looks surprisingly similar to Wikipedia. I haven’t had much of a chance to look around but if it’s your kind of topic you may want to check it out.



August 26, 2008

Last night I had a dream that the lawn mower was so clean we brought it into the loungeroom, and everyone remarked on how clean our lawn mower is.

True story (that I dreamt it, that is.)

It’s probably a reference to our horrendously messy front lawn that hasn’t been mown for weeks thanks to the much-needed rain!


Random Lawn Mower info on Wikipedia –


More Batman!

August 13, 2008

Ok, I’m not usually one to rabbit on about movies and stuff, especially as I am not particularly into movies. However, I do have a few favourites and, finally seeing The Dark Knight last night I must say I was soooooo amazed!! It was awesome and I thought it was fantastic. Between that and Batman Begins, I have been convinced of the plausibility of the Batman story. I love the dark, moody Batman vibe. It does it for me way more than the 1990s plastic-feeling movies. (The early originals were pretty entertaining, though!!)

According to Wikipedia, the character Batman traces back to the late 1930s. Two-Face is from 1942, and the Joker 1940. Amazing how these modern movies have such a rich history in comic book lore!

Growing up in the 1990s, I regularly watched the Animated Series (, featuring Mark Hamill as the Joker! As life is, ideally, an amalgam of Star Wars and Batman, it seems a perfect match!

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough. I’m sick, and I’m meant to be writing a uni assignment on Australian agriculture. Here’s some links, and every other reference can be found on Wikipedia.

Official Site at Warner Brothers –

Batman on Wikipedia –

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