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Sparrows + Doughnut

December 3, 2008


Tuesday 3 June 2008 – 9.53 am

When shopping, I often find myself observing the birds that have become trapped in the shopping centre. I wonder if they’re happy here or if it is a prison.


Herbicides And Sociology

August 20, 2008

Thursday, 15 May 2008 – 11.45am

Stuck at the shops while the neighbours coat their garden in herbicide. I don’t want to risk an allergic reaction. Oh well. I guess I can just sit in the coffee shop writing uni assignments – like every other 20-something here

– Me, attempting to analyse the social movements using cyberactivism

– My bored daughter


Air Purifiers

August 4, 2008

We recently bought an air purifier for the bedroom, to try and combat allergy problems. We settled on the Airfree P80 and have been impressed with the product. Admittedly, we had problems as it is not readily available in Australia, and it is wired for a British household. I would suggest that a surge protector of some description may be a useful investment for any Aussie who wants to buy it as well as a plug adapter.

Anyway, it is unique in that it works as an incinerator, rather than as a fan – and – filter type machine. It is also left running 24 hours a day and works by progressively removing allergens from the air, and it is totally silent.

For more information, try these links:

Official Site:

In Australia:


Woollen, Low Allergy Bedding

July 10, 2008

We’ve got a few of this company’s pillows. They’re very comfortable and been helpful in reducing polyester in our house.



July 7, 2008

Due to the high levels of allergy problems in our household, we’ve had to look into finding products and brands that will help. So, lately I’ve been switching to plant-based, organic, petroleum-free products.

Here is a Victorian-based company whose cleaning products and haircare products I’ve been using recently:

I’ll add more products as I find them. I’m not into all this commercial stuff, but if it can help other allergy sufferers, then it’ll be worthwhile.

(Disclaimer: Check the ingredients on the labels for yourself. No responsibility taken for anyone following these links.)


Wardrobe dilemmas and Valentine’s Day

May 8, 2008

Copyright F. Lokot 2008

Thursday 14 February 2008 – 9.45 am (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Just waiting for the weekly children’s story time at the local library. It’s a great idea – it’s free, for pre-schoolers and they play games, do craft, sing songs and meet other kids. Oh, and they read stories. My kids love it!

Just coming to the realisation that I forgot to get my husband a Valentine’s Day gift. Oh dear…

Having a wardrobe dilemma today. I have dressed terribly. 😦


230. The sparrows ordered the saffron rice

May 6, 2008

Sparrows in shopping centre

Photograph, January 2008.

Look closely, you’ll see three sparrows tucking into a feast of left overs, at a food court in a city shopping centre. I’m not sure if I should’ve been disgusted – I was more amused by how cute and mischievous the birds seemed!

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