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Thoughts for the day, 23 August: weddings, semi colons and pirates

August 23, 2010

I’ve been thoroughly immersed in homework and trying to maintain a house lately (all those fun motherly things that arise when the family is ill). So much has happened recently that I think my brain has been overloaded.

Things that I’ve been thinking about include:

  • Why isn’t the semi colon key on my PC work as well as normal? It feels a little gritty (just thought of this one right now).
  • Why do I find weddings so emotionally distressing? Don’t get me wrong, on a philosophical, moral and religious sense, I am for weddings. From a sociological sense, I am for traditional rituals as important and significant means of signifying life stages and transformations, marking the movement of time and age. (It probably, dare I admit it, comes down to plain jealousy. I feel so darn insecure when I attend other people’s weddings. It makes me feel like my own wedding was a failure.* I think of all the little details I wish I had paid attention to. Okay, okay – it was heading on for 9 years ago now. Time to get over it, right?)
  • I am studying environmentalism, vegetarianism, food and nutrition sociology and animal rights at the moment. I have lost count of the times I’ve said (as I read the material before me), “I am soooo glad I don’t eat meat.” Purely on the gross-out level. That alone is enough!
  • How will I best go about marking International Talk Like a Pirate Day? [19 September.]
  • I love postgraduate student benefits at uni – like the right to borrow more books. Woo hoo! I have only just reached the conclusion that it is entirely feasible for me to visit one of the nearby campuses of my uni (my home campus is almost 2 hours away) to borrow books. Goody!
  • Spring is in the air. Birds are singing and fruit trees are starting to blossom. Everything smells like wattle flowers. (Sneeze!)


*My marriage, on the other hand, is not a failure. It’s more like a success-against-difficult-odds testimony. As the marriage is clearly more important than the wedding itself, I guess I should celebrate this.


339. Rainy Days

May 16, 2009


(looking out from the front porch – oops, better go get the newspaper out of the letterbox)

200904rainydays2 (a rainbow! I made the kids rush outside to enjoy it)





(another rainy day, this one photographed from the relative comfort of our loungeroom)

Photographs, April 2009.

After years of drought, it has been such a relief to see rain again! These photos were taken on various days during April 2009. I was so astounded to see wet weather that I felt compelled to take a photo.

The state of Victoria, which is in the south east of the Australian mainland, is naturally a wet, cool temperate area. However, years of various weather problems havemeant a terrble drought, not to mention heatwaves. There has been a lot of theories proposed as to the reason for the weather. My first guess is probably that the climate was devasted when, sometime in the the previous 200 years, the eucalyptus and tree fern rainforests were cut down to make way for farmland.


324. Multi-Coloured Rose

March 27, 2009

200903-flokot-art1Photograph, February 2009.

Some of my readers may have heard of the terrible heatwave, bushfires and severe storms that have hit the state of Victoria, Australia, in the previous month. February is normally marked by uncomfortable heat, but this year was a record breaker in terms of temperature, and in the number of people killed by the bushfires. When, in early March, Victorians received text messages from the police warning of coming storms, it was time for more tension and fear. Thankfully those storms weren’t as devastating as initially expected, and the rains they brought were a definite blessing!

So it was nice that, in admist the chaos, my poor little pot plants actually survived. We had pretty much abandoned them in search of air conditioning, but here they were, still waiting. This rose bush produces these amazing multi-coloured red-and-yellow roses. I had intended to do a daily series of photographs of this bud flowering, but was distracted by the storm preparations…


More information…

about bushfires and heatwaves in Victoria:

Country Fire Authority

Google Image Search for Victorian bushfires

The March 2009 Text Message… – at

Victoria’s Record Breaking Heatwave, 2009 – Bureau of Meteorology

All links accessed 5 March 2009.


happiness is…

July 7, 2008

…a rainy day. Really, we need more of them. It’s been raining a lot during the last hour or so.

at 16:19 EST

dew point
relative humidity

feels like

N 12km/h
wind gusts


fire danger
2.0 Low

rainfall since 9am/last hr
0.2mm / –


221. Clouds In Summer

April 8, 2008

Photograph, January 2008.

Summer around here begins in December and ends at the end of February. We’ve been suffering from a drought for the last few years, so there are few things more glorious than clouds. I took this photo on a January day, hopeful for the rain to come. Since then, we have had plenty of rain. In fact, last week we caught the tail end of a cyclone – for the first time in recorded meterological history in these parts, if I remember correctly. Crazy winds caused AUD$millions in damages. The power went out in many places. Here we were treated to a 6-hour blackout, but in other areas some people were without electricity for days. Some people were even killed in the storm.

So, there you have it – it never rains, it pours… and gusts and wails and destroys stuff.

Something so gentle and calm about simple white clouds on a summer day!

PS. wordpress has changed a bit just recently, so I’m still getting used to the new methods. Apologies for the double photograph, I’ll work on doing it right next time!

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