Exploring the Gospel Message

The Gospel – the “Good News” of Jesus Christ – is one of the most amazing, bizarre, unique stories out there. For me, personally, I spent many years thinking it was everything from a nice bedtime story to it being one of the most shocking and offensive beliefs.

It was only when, in my late teens and early 20s, that I seriously began studying the message of the Gospel itself, outside of denominational concerns and petty theological quibbling, that I became personally convinced of its truth. I had not expected to be converted, and was expecting to relegate it to the “nice stories that help people through life” basket. However, the uniqueness of the Gospel message, that God Himself would do the work to save His creation, struck me as something outside of human imagination.

I understand that not everyone will agree with this view, and that is fine. But, for those who are open to the Christian message, here I will occasionally post my humble offerings in an attempt to reveal some of the wonder of the Gospel of Christ.  It is my hope that, for some of you at least, these mini-devotionals will help you explore the Bible.

I will be quoting from various texts of the Bible. I encourage readers to find a translation of the Bible that they understand – whether it’s the Archaic English of the King James, the Ancient Latin of the Vulgate, the simplified English of the NIrV, or the contemporary English of the Message. Bibles are (in Australia, at least), usually easy to buy from most bookstores. You might like to try bookstores like Word or Koorong. For ideas on reading the Bible, visit The Amalgamation: The Bible. Online Bibles in various languages are available at websites like Crosswalk, Christianity Today and Bible Gateway. We’ve even got the Bible on iPod! I’ve also listed personal favourite books about Jesus and Christianity at The Amalgamation: Books Books Books.

There are heaps of Bible reading plans available online. These plans usually set out a recommended list of daily Scripture readings. Here are some that I found that take the reader through the entire Bible.

CityLife Church, Melbourne, Australia – Bible Reading Devotional Thoughts


90 Day Bible Reading Plan


I also have found Creation Ministries International’s website to be a convenient source of information about the facts behind the Bible. Their Frequently Asked Questions Index includes sections on Jesus and the Bible.

General Topic Areas:

God made Creation perfect.

Humanity and all creation have fallen (are separated from God) and ruled by Sin.

Jesus has paid the price for Sin.

Ephesians 2 – Grace and Mercy

    After being saved by Grace comes a life lived for God.

    Originally Posted 28 April 2009.

    Last updated 28 April 2009 14.39.

    All links accessed 28 April 2009.

    — It is planned that these Bible devotionals will begin sometime during April / May 2009. —

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