A Humble Art Folio

A Humble Art Folio Grab

Ah, my beloved blog “A Humble Art Folio” can now be found at The Amalgamation at https://darthmaulmakesmesmile.wordpress.com/category/art-folio/.

Started in November 2006, it was a response to the somewhat discouraging claims from my well-intentioned friends who thought that it would make me eel better to tell me that I’m a “good wife and mother, and we’re sure you’re good at other things, too.”

Well, it did a lot better than expected, developing a regular base of readers. Mostly it was just photographs of my drawings and occasional paintings. Sometimes I would include other things too – a little apologetics here, some spiritual musing there. Mostly, it was a friendly, inclusive little blog.

At last count there were 228 posts. The very first post, “To Mermaids,” dated 2 November 2006, can be found at http://fikalo.blogspot.com/2006/11/1-two-mermaids.html.


(18 February 2008 / Updated 13.00 18 February 2008)


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