Art For Sale

My husband and I have art prints and t-shirts available for sale through RedBubble.Com. Previously we also offered our work at the ImageKind and CafePress websites but in the name of streamlining we have decided to stick to RedBubble.Com.

My husband’s photography and t-shirts can be found at http://mattlokot.redbubble.com/works.

My art, photography and t-shirts can be found at http://flokot.redbubble.com/works.

T-shirts are printed on 100% cotton shirts of various styles and colours. Art and photography are available in various formats including greeting cards, framed prints, laminated prints, posters, matted prints and canvas prints.

Thanks for your support!


M. Lokot Photographs – through the Imagekind website – http://matthewlokot.imagekind.com/


Gift cards and journals – giraffe theme at http://www.cafepress.com/antipodesdolfin. All prices in USD, I believe!

Art by my mum (mom, for you Americans out there!!) is available at http://myworld.ebay.com.au/frodosmum61/ and http://pic6.piczo.com/AnnesFrodoArtEtcetera/?g=1.


Now available, two of my t-shirt designs at RedBubble.Com. Go to http://www.redbubble.com/people/flokot/clothing to see what’s available.


Now available:

6 t-shirt designs at http://www.redbubble.com/people/flokot/clothing

6 greeting card / poster designs at http://www.redbubble.com/people/flokot/art

The art is also available at http://flokot.redbubble.com/.

I have recently deleted the antipodes dolfin art page from CafePress, so now all my art is available through RedBubble.Com.


My husband and I have streamlined our art-for-sale. Our art is currently only available through RedBubble.Com.

You can find online galleries of our work at:






A lot of art has been added to both our RedBubble.Com profiles. The red moon image above was taken during the time of the Victorian bushfires, where the smoke haze turned sunsets into a brilliant red. Other bushfire themed photos can be viewed and purchased as art prints at http://mattlokot.redbubble.com/sets/49581/works. The horse illustration above is part of my Russian horse series of sketches, which can be bought as greeting cards, framed / matted prints and canvas prints.

Currently available at my Bubblesite are:

10 t-shirt designs

2 Christmas card designs

5 Australian themed photographs

and 24 illustrations – mostly featuring horses!

Jump across to my RedBubble profile to view my calendar design, “Unicorns around the world.”


I’ve added photographs of beautiful autumn roses, all taken in Melbourne in March 2009. They are available as art prints and greeting cards.



You can view them in the Melbourne Photography Section of my Bubblesite.



An Easter-inspired t-shirt, also available as an art print. Representing the saving death and resurrection of Christ, named after the Latinised abbreviation for “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,” a phrase hung upon the cross noting the charges that had beenlaid against Christ at his execution.


Romantic Giraffes t-shirt.


From a series of photos from the Bass Coast, in Victoria, Australia. Taken during Autumn (Fall) 2009, these images seek to capture the wild beauty of the south-eastern coasts of Australia. They are all available as greeting cards and can be viewed / purchased at the “Wide Blue Ocean” set on my RedBubble Bubblesite, as well as my RedBubble Profile (for those who sign up for a RedBubble account).


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Dates given here in standard Australian form, that is, Day-Month-Year.


  1. Hello, I am a geology student at Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California, USA. I was on-line looking for artwork to use for our club…a sort of mascot. The mascot would be used for newsletters, mastheads, internet decorations, etc. The club participated in Montana dig in 1994 and helped discover a zephyrosaurus. I am seeking permission to use your zephyrosaurus art piece as our mascot. Please, let me know if this a possibility. We hope to use the mascot for an award to be given out on the first of may 09. Thank you for your time and consideration. Gerry.

  2. Hi, Gerry, yes that should be fine providing you please use appropriate acknowledgments:

    Copyright (C) F. Lokot

    Thanks a lot for asking!

  3. Thank you so much. Your decision is greatly appreciated. I will up date you on the image use, thanks again.

  4. No worries Gerry and thanks for any updates.

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